Who we are

Innovation is in the company’s DNA and is core to our employee’s beliefs. It guides our business. Our commitment to delivering automation solutions that is evident in our quality standards defined by our leadership team and staff.

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Why us?

Controtek Solutions provides innovative solutions for improving manufacturing efficiency and overall productivity through the use of Smart Automation and Information Technology.

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A complete Automation and SCADA solution for power generation and distrubution with intuitive and advanced controls for power measurements, power analysis, energy demand and set-point, protection status and diagnostics, with integrated reports generation and cost-centered management.
Cloud Services

Offers a web-based application that runs via cloud or local server. This feature gives the end-user flexibility in data collection.

Complete Monitoring and Control System

Enertek provides comprehensive functions for automatic generation control, load forecasting, renewable forecasting, economic dispatching, interchange transaction scheduling, and load shedding.

Smart Grid Solution

Uses an algorithm for energy management and distribution system to react to changes in usage of electricity in the supply network.

The System easily integrated in IIoT devices using OPC UA/MQTT for monitoring the weather up to the usage of electricity.

Modular Application

A modular application covering basic substation control up to advanced power plant and smart grid applications.

Flexible SCADA Software

SCADA Software conforms to IEC 61850 and uses DNP3 for transmission of data handling collection.

The direct and embedded drivers can integrate different brands of electrical devices using an open-communication platform from Modbus to EtherNet protocol.

Real-time Monitoring and Response

Reduces'time-to-action' cycle. Enertek comes with a web-based application or IOS/Android Apps that gives notification alarms, and real-time information for power systems