Who we are

Innovation is in the company’s DNA and is core to our employee’s beliefs. It guides our business. Our commitment to delivering automation solutions that is evident in our quality standards defined by our leadership team and staff.

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Why us?

Controtek Solutions provides innovative solutions for improving manufacturing efficiency and overall productivity through the use of Smart Automation and Information Technology.

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We offer unique features to allow you the flexibility in your data collection. An automated, accurate, real-time data collection software solution providing superior process visibility on any device, the ability to accurately track losses and a continuous stream of improvement opportunities.
Cloud Services

We offer a web-based application that run via cloud or local server. This features allows the end-user the flexibility in data collection.

Automated Data Collection

Captures data automatically, saving you time and money.

Automation is the fastest, most accurate and most reliable form of capturing data, minimizing the requirement for operator input and manual input in spreadsheets.

Quick return on investment.

Pays for itself within 6 months.

Our software is easy to install, use and maintain and immediate OEE gains of 5% - 10% are common.

Real-time performance response.

Reduce ‘time-to-action’ cycle.

TraceOEE™ monitors performance in real-time, meaning it can alert you to OEE losses before they even happen, not after the event. If OEE losses can be predicted they can also be avoided.

Modular Applications

Only pay for what you need when you need it.

TraceOEE™ is a modular application from basic OEE monitoring to a more advanced solution. It can be upgraded from a standard application to enterprise and expanded to plantwide SCADA visibility.

Highly visual system.

The system Identifies, quantifies and delivers continuous improvement opportunities.

With TraceOEE™ you will have the ability to see into your processes and have a clear understanding of your top losses with the most potential for improvement. It will also inform you what you need to do to address these losses to deliver increased bottom line profits.

Highly configurable and expandable

Select and build functionality to meet your specific business needs.

TraceOEE™ is highly configurable so you will have the ability to customize reports and intelligence dashboards to suit your business. You will also receive frequent releases of the software in response to new customer’s needs and industry trends.


Up and running in weeks, with immediate OEE gains of between 5% and 10%

TraceOEE is quick and easy to implement, with improvements within 3-4 weeks. immediate OEE gains of 5-10% are common with a typical R.O.I in less that 6 months.


Multiple options to automatically collect data


Service Plan

We offer unique Features to allow you the flexibility in your data collection


Subscription for 2-production lines, Additional charge for additional production line

Starts at:

  • TraceOEE™ Production Monitoring based on the heartbeat signal from the bottleneck machine.
  • OEE Dashboard and Reporting.
  • Export to excel
  • FREE PC-Based Controller for data collection and link to Cloud server.
  • One Year Subscription
  • Email/ Phone/ Online Support
  • Unlimited number of production lines.
  • Unlimited number of user
  • No additional software license needed.

Subscription for 4-production lines. Additional charge for additional production line

Starts at:

  • All the Standard feature plus:
  • Real-time Downtime Monitoring
  • Real-time Plan Board
  • Interface to Production Planning
  • More signals from the machines
  • Data collection from lines via EtherCAT slave modules
  • Integration of the existing PLC and link to TraceOEE™

Subscription for 2-production lines. Additional charge for additional production line

Starts at:

  • All Professional feature plus:
  • Real-time OEE Dashboard from machine to line to Plant level.
  • Production Performance Line Analysis with full report, graphs, and visualization
  • Optional Local Server for TraceOEE™.
  • Integration of SCADA
  • Integration of ERP/ MES
  • Access of the TraceOEE™ via secured viewer or mobile phone
  • Real-time SPC Statistical Analysis of both OEE and non-OEE parameters
  • Provides an additional, optional software module Accelerate based on the Six Sigma DMAIC