Who we are

Innovation is in the company’s DNA and is core to our employee’s beliefs. It guides our business. Our commitment to delivering automation solutions that is evident in our quality standards defined by our leadership team and staff.

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Why us?

Controtek Solutions provides innovative solutions for improving manufacturing efficiency and overall productivity through the use of Smart Automation and Information Technology.

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A new hero in town!
February 18, 2021
A new hero in town has just been added to the team heroes of automation! To serve their customers better throughout their next adventures, Controtek Solutions was happy to announce last November 17, 2020 on their social media pages that they are the new channel partner of Endre +Hau er Group But the partnership of the two
Controtek Solutions, 2020 U.S. Firebrand Award Winner! – Innovative SCADA system with Ignition Software
September 17, 2020
Every year, Inductive Automation in California, USA selects the best projects from companies worldwide that use their Ignition Software for the annual Ignition Community Conference (ICC) This year, we are proud that Controtek’s OPS-CMS Project with Manila Water Company was recogni ed as a Firebrand Awardee – its first-ever recipient in the Southeast Asian Region Controtek
Swift contact tracing with Controtek’s Trace COVID™ app
September 15, 2020
One of the ways to minimize the spread of COVID-19 is an effective contact tracing strategy, it requires complete coordination from the government down to private sectors and citizens Relying on manual methods of data gathering and monitoring is difficult and virtually impossible and could bring more harm than good due to the exposure of
Simplify operations with a secured and real-time SCADA system
September 11, 2020
Water management y tem are u ually made up of ten or hundred of remote location , be it pumping tation , deep well , or boo ter , and they are al o eparated by at lea t a few kilometer apart from each other Imagining the manual labor it take to check up on them every day i already grueling, but that
Learn automation for free with Controtek’s Online Superhero Academy!
September 09, 2020
COVID-19 left most of us quarantined at home, and although work-from-home schemes and house chores are keeping us busy, not needing to travel to and from work has saved us a lot of time to do other things This saved time gives us the opportunity to learn something new or sharpen the skills we already
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