Who we are

Innovation is in the company’s DNA and is core to our employee’s beliefs. It guides our business. Our commitment to delivering automation solutions that is evident in our quality standards defined by our leadership team and staff.

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Why us?

Controtek Solutions provides innovative solutions for improving manufacturing efficiency and overall productivity through the use of Smart Automation and Information Technology.

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In line with the concept of Industry 4.0, Aquatek™ is a fast, precise, efficient
and economic control system for Water and Waste Water Automation.

The system is flexible that can be adapted from outstation or sewage plant going to central control room. the Aquatek™
solution does not need an automation Expert to configure, integrate, commission, and maintain the water facility.


Powerful Controller for Automation

Through the use of the latest processors, integrated power measurements, and condition monitoring system, PC-based control makes a powerful automation platform available for the acquisition and processing of all data.

Open-System Topology

Easier integration of existing instruments and device to maximize productivity while reducing costs.

Built-in Asset Management System

An add-on app systematizing the process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively, for the entire water facility.

Predictive Maintenance System

Determine the conditino of in-service equipment "real-time" to predict when maintenance is necessary.

Powerful SCADA system for the integration of remote pump station to a Central SCADA

Capable of Web-Thin Client and Mobile Access Database Integration to Microsoft Dynamics, SQL. SAP, GIS and others.

Scalable Automation Technology

Uses scalable automation technology as a universal control platform for the entire water management cycle, including billing system and ERP.

Secured Communication

Uses a secured open-VPN communication via satellite , GPRS, 3G/4G/LTE or LoRA to integrate remote stations to Central SCADA. User can upgrade the interconnectivity to our cloud service under the MgrView Sky®.


The Aquatek solution platform offers the maximum operation flexibility and savings.
This will be the ultimate tool to manage, operate, and maintain your Water and
Waste Water Facility.